Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page is a collection of FAQs for the Trampoline Singapore Invitational Championships. We hope that we will be able to answer all your queries; if you cannot find an answer to your question here, please feel free to drop us an email at!


Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I miss the deadline for the Registration (1st November)? Can I still register for the competition?

Yes, you can, so long as we actually receive your Registration Forms before the 12th of November. However, please do note that there will be an extra S$10 penalty fee for any forms received after the 1st of November. For specific details, please refer to Paragraph 3.3 to 3.7 of the Rules and Regulations.


Do I have to be in a school that takes part in the Trampoline National Inter-School Championships to participate in the Trampoline Singapore Invitational Championships?

Not at all! The Trampoline Singapore Invitational is open to all who fulfill at least one of the four criteria stated in the Competition Rules and Regulations (Paragraph 3.1). The criteria can also be found on the “2nd Trampoline Singapore Invitational” page (see sidebar for navigation).


Can I still take part in the Trampoline Singapore Invitational Championships if I am no longer training as frequently or as seriously as I used to?

Sure! As long as you feel confident enough to compete, you’re welcome to.


Is there an age restriction on the competition?

None at all! Competitors are separated by difficulty of their routine, not their age. If you’re a 40 year-young working adult who wants to compete in Level 1 as a beginner gymnast, go ahead!


Do participants in a team have to be from the same school/Is there any limit to the number of participants/teams from a single school?

Nope, there is no limit to the composition of each team, or the number of gymnasts from a single school. Participants are free to decide if they want to represent themselves or the school, and are even free to form teams across schools, should they wish to. This competition, unlike the National Inter-Schools, is also open to students from international schools within Singapore, as well as foreign clubs and organizations (although the latter two will have to compete in the International division).


Do I have to perform the competition routines used in the MOE’s National Inter-School Championships/Singapore Open Trampoline Championships?

Competitors are free to construct their own routines, as long as they follow the respective Category Difficulty Tariff Ranges and fulfill their routine requirements. For example, the MOE’s National Inter-School Championship’s A2 routine fulfills the Level 3 requirements and is in example of a routine that can be used in that category.


Is there any additional charge should I compete in both the Individual and the Team Event?

No. The fees are the same (S$80 per participant for Trampoline Singapore members, S$90 per participant otherwise) whether you take part in one or both events.


Is there any additional charge should I compete in both the Local and International Event?

Yes. Aside from the qualification criteria for local gymnasts for the International category, a further fee, equal to the entrance fee for the Local competition, will be required. This payment, however, can be submitted on the day of the competition (4th December) itself.


Do my friends and I / my team have to nominate our own judges in order to take part in the competition?

It is not compulsory for teams to do so. A team can compete even if it does not have judge nominees. However, having a nominee could help to relieve gymnasts’, coaches’ and others’ potential worries about issues like the transparency of the judging process, the competence and impartiality of our judges, and/or the level of our judge education and performance.

With regard to judge criteria, judges must be above 18 years of age, free on the dates of competition, and attend both judging courses (26th November, 6-9pm, 27th November, 10am-3pm). They can be ex-students, teachers-in-charge, parents, coaches, or anyone else who is interested to play a part in this competition.


I wish to be involved in this event as a Judge. How do I sign up?

Thank you very much! For all those interested in being on the judging panel and/or who have been nominated for a judging spot, please note that you will have to attend 2 (two) mandatory judging courses and be free on at least one day of the competition), failing which you will not be allowed to serve on the judging panel. The final panel of judges will be determined by random allocation from the list of people who have attended both judging courses.

Note: If there are enough judges, there may be more than one panel, which will allow the judges to take breaks and rest in between their judging duties (Judging is most definitely not an easy task!) However, for the purposes of scoring consistency. all competitors in the same category and event will be judged by the same panel.


I wish to volunteer to help out in this event. Who can I get into contact with?

Thank you very much! You can get into contact with us by sending us an email at with “TRA SG INV Volunteer” as the subject title.

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