FIG Academy Level 1 (Trampoline & Tumbling)

FIG Academy

The FIG Academy Level 1 was held in Singapore 17th – 24th August 2014.

The following coaches in Singapore attended:

  1. Fattah Abdul
  2. Azri Bin Aziz
  3. Cheng Yao
  4. Chua Yi Shan 
  5. Gan Chai San
  6. Goh Willie
  7. Muhd Jufrie Nabilah
  8. Keong Seng Chye
  9. Lai Hwee Yee
  10. Lam Kevin
  11. Lee Kern Choong
  12. Qiao Ya
  13. Rosanna Trigg
  14. Soh Choon Chik, William
  15. Tan Xi Ting
  16. Toh Annie

Five of our committee members attended, 2 of whom achieved scores over 90%!

Congratulations to our members and all the other attendees on getting certified as FIG Level 1 coaches in Trampoline and Tumbling!

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