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Trampolining: A History of Soaring


Picture this.

It is the early 1890s and circus acts are abound. Trapeze artistes at tremendous heights. They leap off their wire, plunging freely, when suddenly their bodies contact the safety net. BOOM! Up they go again, and in line with their acrobatic nature, they throw a few somersaults in the air for good measure.

And there we have it, the origins of the sport of Trampolining!

John Hayes, a.k.a. Billy Bouncer, observed the trapeze artistes and adapted it into an act, pleasing audiences and allowing them to participate as a marketing strategy. This quickly garnered interest for the sport of Trampolining and before long, competitive Trampolining developed.


Competitive Trampolining

The first World Championships were held in London in 1964 and Trampolining was officially included as one of the competing sports in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Since then, many other countries have gained interest in developing the sport.

Singapore likewise launched movement of this sport in secondary schools during the same period and National Inter-School Competitions have been held every year since. However, due to many restricting factors, the development of Competitive Trampolining seems to have stagnated.

With the expansion of the sport in Asian countries and the trampoline federations in South-East Asia garnering more recognition, there is ample reason to believe that more countries in South-East Asia will take up Competitive Trampolining in the near future.


Looking to the Future

With this in mind, Singapore Gymnastics(SG) recently stated the need for a breakthrough in Singapore Trampolining standards and set up an official Trampoline Sub-Committee to look into this initiative. With this, Trampoline Singapore was formed with like-minded trampoline enthusiasts.

With an increased understanding and awareness of Competitive Trampolining, coupled with increased safety and technical standards, we believe that the Trampolining standard of Singapore will certainly be able to take a prominent stand in the world trampolining scene to come.


Trampoline Singapore

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